We wanted to share two reviews we received from new SLANTY users. We think it’s important to hear from the users themselves about how introducing SLANTY into their home has transformed their bathroom habits… for the better.

“We had the ‘SLANTY ‘toilet installed in our home recently and found it to be really practical. It looks stylish and slick and yes, my partner does not take his phone up to use whilst using the new toilet anymore either.”

Anonymous, West Midlands

“We purchased the SLANTY a few months ago and I was a little sceptical at first when my partner showed me the design. I can honestly say that it does what it says, that is, it definitely reduces the time we spend using the toilet. The slope is very gentle and manageable for a short period of time which means that we don’t tend to stay on the toilet for unnecessary lengths of time. I cannot see myself going back to using the old horizontal seat again.

Anonymous, Shropshire.