The New All-in-One

We are delighted to introduce a brand new product to our innovative collection of sloping toilets – The MALVERN All-in-One.

As with all our products, the Malvern boasts pioneering design engineering with the user in mind to minimise time spent on the toilet for improving long-term health and wellbeing. Not only is the toilet designed to look sleek and stylish as a single piece, but it performs exceptionally too.

The gradient slope that makes our product so unique is designed to improve long-term health benefits by naturally reducing the time a user spends on the toilet. Research has shown that the less time spent on the toilet means the less likely it is to develop weakening of the pelvic muscles and painful haemorrhoids. It also reduces the likelihood of queues in public toilets too – which is always a benefit. Read More > link these words to Health page.

The all-in-one bowl and cistern makes for extremely effective easy-cleaning and maintenance – ideal for commercial spaces such as office washrooms where large numbers of people use the toilet and hygiene must be a priority.

The soft-close toilet seat that is provided protects against mechanical damage. It also features an eco-friendly 6L/3L dual flush, helping you save both water and money in the long run.

Key Features include:

Key Features Include

  • Pioneering gradient slope
  • Engineered by experts
  • Soft close, quick release anti-bacterial toilet seat
  • Optional eco-friendly water-efficient dual flush
  • Easy-to-install, clean and maintain
  • Quality Vitreous China – White
  • Manufacturer guarantee